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Ms. De Blaauw...

loves reading, hiking, and cooking... is busy with two teenagers; one who loves the stage and one who loves the sports field. A San Rafael Native who feels lucky to call such a beautiful place home.

Paula deBlaauw

Welcome to 4th Grade!

We are delighted to begin a new year at Sun Valley School, which is known for its strong community of educators, parents, administrators, and classified staff, all working together to support our diverse group of students in achieving their personal as well as their academic goals.

4th grade is exciting and fun AND also a time to develop solid study habits, organizational skills, and independent learning skills that will be necessary in the higher grades.  The workload and responsibility are greater and the curriculum more challenging than previous grades.

Writing fluently in cursive, knowing math facts backward and forward, and being comfortable reading nonfiction text for information are some of the important aspects of 4th grade. 

As always, we anticipate a successful year for each 4th grade student!

~4th Grade Teaching Team

Math Homework: Tips & Useful Information
1.) Study links can be printed at the Everyday Math website
2.) Although all the study links for the week go home in the BEE Binder on Monday, we cover the concepts for one study link per day. For example, I might teach the information for Study Link 1-2 on Monday and the information for Study Link 1-3 Tuesday, etc. Sometimes students like to complete all the study links at the beginning of the week; this is fine but please keep in mind that they will not yet have been taught all the necessary concepts and you may find yourself teaching a lot of new material if your child decides to take this route with his or her homework.
3.) The answers to the homework problems are on the back of the family letters that go home in the BEE Binders the day we begin a new unit. They can be downloaded at the Everyday Math website.
4.) The section called "Try This", which sometimes appears on the study link is a challenge section and may be too difficult (or overwhelming at the end of a long day) for some students. Please encourage your child to try doing this section but do not spend an inordinate amount of time on it. The "Practice" section, on the other hand, typically reviews concepts and should definitely be completed by every child ever night. (If your child is having difficulty with the Practice section, please contact me as soon as possible to schedule a conference.)
Generally speaking, homework is assigned Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday nights. The assigned homework (which is always listed on the homework log) should take no longer than one hour (of focused, undistracted time) to complete, including the reading (which should be out loud). If the homework consistently requires more than 60 minutes, please set up an appointment with me as soon as possible so that we can make some adjustments. Additionally, if your family has special circumstances one evening that prevent your child from completing homework, please send me an email or write a little note letting me know so that he/she doesn't need to spend recess doing it.
One other note, the boxes to the left of each assignment on the homework log are for PARENT INITIALS and is a big aspect of the home-school communication in Room 18.

Enrichment Information

Enrichment begins the week of 9/9/13.

Monday: Music (2:15 - 3:00)

Tuesday: P.E. (2:15 - 3:00) Please remember to wear appropriate shoes.

Wednesday: Early dismissal (1:30PM); no enrichment

Thursday:  P.E. (2:15 - 3:00) Please remember to wear appropriate shoes.

Friday:  Art (2:15 - 3:00) Please wear clothing that can handle paint, clay, etc.

Technology/Library (11:15 - 12:00)


Touch Typing

We are frequently asked for recommendations about typing programs and internet sites that students can use at home to learn touch typing.  There are many options for learning and practicing typing skills.  Following are a few useful links:

Computer Programs

Mavis Beacon Kidz

Type to Learn

Typing Instructor for Kids Platinum


Web Sites

BBC Dance Mat Typing